International Law Issues in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict, with Eugene Kontorovich


Eugene Kontorovich is a professor at Northwestern Law whose research spans the fields of constitutional law, international law, and law and economics. He has authored a series of papers that extend "transaction cost" analysis from private law to constitutional law. He speaks and writes about contemporary law issues in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, including the BDS [...]

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Natural Born Settlers


A self-described liberal from cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, Zaki wanted to get behind the politics of Israel’s controversial settlements in the occupied territories — so she moved there, temporarily, setting up an improvised cafe where she could chat with settlers from her own generation to learn what it’s like to grow up in an Israeli settlement.

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Interview with Abba Eban | April 12, 1958


As the tenth anniversary of the founding of Israel approached, Israeli Ambassador to the United States Abba Eban talked to Mike Wallace about Arab nations, the Arab refugee problem, Egyptian President Nasser, the role of American Jews in Israel’s future, and the charge that Israel threatens world peace with a policy of territorial expansion.

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New Generation New Conversation


Can Palestinians find more common ground with Jewish nationalists than with liberal Israelis? Palestinian activist Sami Awad & Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen at Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School in Jerusalem discussing the failures of the peace process, the rival narratives contextualizing the conflict and fresh ideas for achieving a peace that can satisfy the aspirations of [...]

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