Our Man in Damascus: Elie Cohn by Eli Ben-Hanan


Elie Cohn was hanged from a hook in Martyrs' Square, Damascus, and his body, draped in a white robe, was left hanging for six hours in public view. The execution was carried live, from beginning to end, by Syrian television, and in Israel a pale woman tensely followed every scene, heard every imprecation hurled by [...]

Our Man in Damascus: Elie Cohn by Eli Ben-Hanan2020-09-08T23:01:55+00:00

Lone Wolf: A Biography of Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky


Shmuel Katz’s detailed and comprehensive biography of Vladimir Jabotinsky (1880–1940) is an unabashedly partisan defense of one of the most complex Zionists of the early 20th century. Jabotinsky was a Russian poet, playwright, journalist, and novelist as well as the founder of Revisionist Zionism and of Betar. His oratory in many languages was legendary. Katz [...]

Lone Wolf: A Biography of Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky2020-09-08T23:02:08+00:00

Stern: The Man and His Gang by Zev Golan


Stern: The Man and His Gang traces Abraham Stern's evolution from hated gangster to folk hero and chronicles the military and political deeds of the thousand Jews who joined his war against England. In the 1940s, before there was an Israel, the Holy Land was rocked by warfare and violence, and no militia was fiercer [...]

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The Deed by Gerold Frank


The true story of two young Jewish boys who sought to hurry history with a gun, and were hanged for it. What led them, desperate for freedom for their country, to assassinate Lord Moyne, the highest ranking British official in the Middle East, during the fall of 1944?

The Deed by Gerold Frank2020-09-08T23:04:28+00:00

Jabotinsky by Hillel Halkin


Vladimir Jabotinsky (1880–1940) was a man of huge paradoxes and contradictions and has been the most misunderstood of all Zionist politicians--a first-rate novelist, a celebrated Russian journalist, and the founder of the branch of Zionism now headed by Benjamin Netanyahu. This biography, the first in English in nearly two decades, undertakes to answer central questions [...]

Jabotinsky by Hillel Halkin2020-09-08T23:08:58+00:00

Menachem Begin: The Battle for Israel’s Soul by Daniel Gordis


A biography of the sixth prime minister of Israel that explains how the pre-state “terrorist” became the first Israeli leader to sign a peace treaty with an Arab country. Reviled as a fascist demagogue by his great rival Ben-Gurion, venerated by Israel’s underclass, internationally admired as a statesman who became the first Israeli to win [...]

Menachem Begin: The Battle for Israel’s Soul by Daniel Gordis2020-09-08T23:09:11+00:00
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