Days of Fire by Shmuel Katz


Shmuel Katz immigrated to British Mandatory Palestine in 1936. He became active in the Irgun Zvai Leumi, the underground militia fighting for Jewish statehood, eventually rising to become a member of the Irgun High Command and its primary spokesman to the world media.

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Gidi: One Chasing a Thousand by Joseph Evron


Few knew him by his full name, Amihai Paglin. Everyone called him Gidi. His name became a legend. He appeared suddenly, like a shooting star, out of the looming storm clouds of the Jewish war for independence in Palestine Eretz Israel. He turned the Irgun Zvai Leumi into a formidable fighting machine, striking at the [...]

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Voice of Valor by Geula Cohen


Geula Cohen weaves her personal story together with the chronicles of the Lehi underground during the period of the British Mandate over Palestine. As a secret radio broadcaster, later as a prisoner and afterwards following her escape, she writes with special appreciation for the inner forces that urged on the young fighters in their battle [...]

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Der Judenstaat by Theodor Herzl


Many are aware that Theodor Herzl is considered the father of Zionism, the political movement that culminated in the creation of the modern State of Israel, but if you asked what exactly he envisioned for "The Jewish State" many would struggle to answer. Der Judenstaat is a must-read for all who wish to understand Herzl's [...]

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Anonymous Soldiers: The Struggle for Israel, 1917-1947 by Bruce Hoffman


In this groundbreaking work, Bruce Hoffman—America’s leading expert on terrorism—brilliantly re-creates the crucial thirty-year period that led to the birth of Israel. Drawing on previously untapped archival resources in London, Washington, D.C., and Jerusalem, Anonymous Soldiers shows how the efforts of two militant Zionist groups brought about the end of British rule in the Middle [...]

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Stern: The Man and His Gang by Zev Golan


Stern: The Man and His Gang traces Abraham Stern's evolution from hated gangster to folk hero and chronicles the military and political deeds of the thousand Jews who joined his war against England. In the 1940s, before there was an Israel, the Holy Land was rocked by warfare and violence, and no militia was fiercer [...]

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Elnakam by Ezra Yakhin


Elnakam is the code name given to Ezra Yakhin. He was born in Jaffa in 1928 but his early childhood was spent in Jerusalem, opposite the walls of the Old City, from where he and his family were evacuated during the 1929 Arab riots. His youth was spent in the busy lanes of the Machane [...]

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The Deed by Gerold Frank


The true story of two young Jewish boys who sought to hurry history with a gun, and were hanged for it. What led them, desperate for freedom for their country, to assassinate Lord Moyne, the highest ranking British official in the Middle East, during the fall of 1944?

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The First Tithe by Israel Eldad


The First Tithe takes you where no reader of thrillers, lover of history or analyst of Mideast politics and terrorism has yet gone into the minds of the Zionist revolutionaries, from the secret meetings of the commanders of the Jewish underground planning to expel the British from the Land of Israel in the 1940s, to [...]

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1913: Seeds of Conflict


It is the overlooked legacy of World War I. 1913: Seeds of Conflict looks at the moment of transformation when Ottoman rule in Palestine was still strong, the identities of Jerusalemites were fluid and few could imagine the conflict that would dominate the region for the next century. Until now, the public and scholars have focused on [...]

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