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Fuel For Truth breaks down the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict so you can better understand these issues and feel confident discussing them in the real world.

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Fuel For Truth (FFT) is a response to the failure of Jewish communal institutions to effectively engage the next generation. Antiquated models of Hasbara and shallow engagement have driven away young people seeking a deeper and more meaningful way to understand Israel and their relationship to it. FFT fills that void by engaging them in ways they desire while directly addressing the difficult topics that too many organizations attempt to avoid. Innovation is in our origins, and in that spirit we lead today’s Israel education revolution.


Educational Resources

Struggling to find quality resources to learn about Israeli history, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as deepen your connection to Israel and Jewish identity? Don’t you wish there was a single destination to find books, films, news sources, podcasts, and more? Lucky you, it’s all right here.

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How We’re Different

What thought leaders have to say about Fuel For Truth.

Rabbi David Wolpe
“Fuel For Truth teaches advocates to deal in facts, not myths, and to clarify issues rather than muddy them. It enables young people to present Israel as it is to those who have a distorted and cruel view — its service is urgent and invaluable.”
Rabbi David Wolpe, Sinai Temple of Los Angeles
Rudy Rochman
“FFT empowers young professionals by giving them the tools needed to become proud and strong Jewish rights activists. It has succeeded where many big money organizations have failed to unlock the passion of Israel in this generation.”
Rudy Rochman, Israel-Jewish Rights Activist
Shahir Azani

“Fuel For Truth offers innovative and inspiring ways to fuel the minds, souls, and spirits of young people seeking greater knowledge and connection to the Jewish state. It is the ultimate engine for standing up for Israel today.”

Shahar Azani, Former Israeli Diplomat, JBS Senior VP

Who We’re Helping

Fuel For Truth works with leading Israel and Jewish organizations around the US.

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