Elnakam is the code name given to Ezra Yakhin. He was born in Jaffa in 1928 but his early childhood was spent in Jerusalem, opposite the walls of the Old City, from where he and his family were evacuated during the 1929 Arab riots.

His youth was spent in the busy lanes of the Machane Yehuda Quarter, where the seeds of revolution against British rule were nurtured, eventually bringing him into service in the Lehi. He participated in reconnaissances, in ambushes and in other actions against the British and Arabs. Elnakam was miraculously saved from prison and death many times, was wounded twice and lost an eye in the attack on the Old City.

This book, originally written in Hebrew, has been reprinted nine times and is widely used in different educational institutions as an aid in study of the history of Israel’s War of Independence.