Mila 18 by Leon Uris


It was a time of crisis, a time of tragedy—and a time of transcendent courage and determination. Leon Uris's blazing novel is set in the midst of the ghetto uprising that defied Nazi tyranny, as the Jews of Warsaw boldly met Wehrmacht tanks with homemade weapons and bare fists.

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Exodus by Leon Uris


Exodus is an international publishing phenomenon - the towering novel of the twentieth century's most dramatic geopolitical event. Leon Uris magnificently portrays the birth of a new nation in the midst of enemies - the beginning of an earthshaking struggle for power.  Here is the tale that swept the world with its fury: the story of an [...]

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My Glorious Brothers by Howard Fast


My Glorious Brothers is the epic story of perhaps the most breathtaking chapter in the history of Israel, a stirring tale of courage for those who like to find meaning for today's world in the great events of history. After a ransacked and desecrated Jerusalem, Simon and his four brothers—soon to be known and revered [...]

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