The Deed by Gerold Frank


The true story of two young Jewish boys who sought to hurry history with a gun, and were hanged for it. What led them, desperate for freedom for their country, to assassinate Lord Moyne, the highest ranking British official in the Middle East, during the fall of 1944?

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The First Tithe by Israel Eldad


The First Tithe takes you where no reader of thrillers, lover of history or analyst of Mideast politics and terrorism has yet gone into the minds of the Zionist revolutionaries, from the secret meetings of the commanders of the Jewish underground planning to expel the British from the Land of Israel in the 1940s, to [...]

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Terror Out of Zion by J. Bowyer Bell


This is the definitive story of desperate, dedicated revolutionaries who were driven to conclude that lives must be taken if Israel were to live. The dynamite bombing of the King David Hotel and the assassinations of Lord Moyne in Cairo and Count Bernardotte in Palestine were but a few acts of terror which forced the [...]

Terror Out of Zion by J. Bowyer Bell2020-09-08T23:10:39+00:00
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